• Image of Madagascar Whole Vanilla Bean Paste, Double-Strength
  • Image of Madagascar Whole Vanilla Bean Paste, Double-Strength


Our Double-Strength, Whole Vanilla Bean Paste provides you with all the benefits of using whole vanilla beans and the convenience of a liquid extract. But be careful, our paste packs an amazingly intense Vanilla punch, with fuller flavor and aroma only a whole vanilla bean can provide. With an ultra-fine grind, paste will blend right in to your favorite recipe giving you a vanilla experience that is sure to raise-the-bar in all your baking! You won't find paste like this anywhere else!

Madagascar Vanilla is the world's most popular vanilla variety. Its bold, rich and creamy flavor combined with classic vanilla aroma make for an excellent go-to, all-purpose Vanilla we know you will love.

For use as a substitute in recipes that call for vanilla extract or a whole vanilla bean.

1/2 teaspoon Whole Vanilla Bean Paste = 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract = 1 whole vanilla bean.

Unlike extract, whose flavor tends to diminish as the alcohol evaporates during baking - our whole ground vanilla bean paste will not evaporate - keeping the whole vanilla bean flavor locked in to your favorite recipe.

- No Sugar Added
- Non-GMO
- Gluten-Free

Ingredients: Whole Vanilla Beans, water, alcohol, xanthan gum (a natural thickener)